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2024 Senior Bowl Guide: 15 Players Patriots Fans Need to Know



Dive into our guide of 15 key players at the 2024 Senior Bowl. Essential insights for Patriots fans eager to discover potential draft gems



The draft starts in Mobile, Alabama. At least, that’s what they say.


The Senior Bowl is a time for NFL scouts and front office members to start getting an up-close and personal look at some of the top prospects in the draft.


It’s, perhaps, best known for helping find some of the best day-two draft picks each and every year.


It’s likely that the newly appointed New England Patriots head coach, Jerod Mayo, picked up a thing or two about scouting players in this game from his predecessor.


Last year, the Patriots drafted five players who attended the Senior Bowl.


We’ve talked previously about the top quarterbacks the Patriots should be targeting with the third overall pick. A couple of them accepted the invite to Mobile, like Michael Penix Jr.


and Bo Nix; but who are some of the other names to keep an eye on for Patriots fans? Whether that’s for when they pick again at the top of the second round, or a day-two or three pick.


There’s always a chance someone impresses scouts enough to make the team want to trade up. Regardless, there are players projected to be taken in every round, attending this event.


Here are the guys who have the tools to make an impact on a rebuilding Patriots roster.


Senior Bowl Talents That Should Be on Every Patriots Fan’s Radar in 2024

Wide Receivers

Ladd McConkey School: Georgia PFF Big Board Rank: 32


McConkey is a true route-running specialist out of Georgia.


For starters, he’s listed at just 6 feet tall and weighing in at 185 pounds, there are some size concerns.


The speedster showed great promise in the first day, dominating in one-on-ones and putting multiple defenders on skates.


Surely, if he can show the ability to play through contact, McConkey could see his draft stock rise even higher.


Ricky Pearsall School: Florida PFF Big Board Rank: 72


Another good route runner to watch is Florida’s Ricky Pearsall, who has the speed to take the top off the defense.


He does a great job maintining his speed through his change in direction and can get vertical at any moment. Pearsall has shown a good ability to play through contact early on in practice and his strong hands continue to shine.


Roman Wilson School: Michigan PFF Big Board Rank: 85


Wilson was the top receiver on the National Champion Michigan Wolvorine offense, and it’s easy to see why after his first day of practice.


Wilson was named “Player of the Day” for day-one by Patriots analyst Evan Lazar, who was in attendance.


Coupled with great burst off the line of scrimmage, defenders are struggling to keep up with him – much like throughout this past season at Michigan where he averaged 16.4 yards a reception.


Luke McCaffrey School:Rice PFF Big Board Rank: 148


Younger brother of Christian McCaffrey, Luke McCaffrey is a lot like his older brother when the 49er running back lines up in the slot.


They both have this incredible quickness that starts with the first step. The Rice wide out has only been playing the position since 2022 but has really crisp routes.


Shown to be a smart player, there’s potential for him to grow with the right coaching at the next level.


Johnny Wilson School: Florida St. PFF Big Board Rank: 83


Johnny Wilson, the massive wide out from Florida State, has surprising quickness for a player of his size.


Listed at 6’7” 237 pounds, he can get up to speed in a hurry.


Always a threat to take the top off the defense, Wilson is a contested catch nightmare for defenders.


Indeed, he has the potential to be a great security blanket, espescially for a rookie quarterback.



Tyler Guyton School: Oklahoma PFF Big Board Rank: 49


Oklahoma product, Tyler Guyton, has an incredibly high ceiling.


Converting from tight end, the 6’7”, 328 pound tackle has the size and skills needed to become a top lineman in the NFL.


Still a work in progress, Guyton has doesn’t always have the strongest form; but with the proper coaching, that could be fixed.


Christian Jones School: Texas PFF Big Board Rank: N/A


One of the most consistent lineman in all of college football in 2023, Jones was the anchor for a strong Texas offensive line.


He’s a really athletic tackle that can get back into his set in a hurry and it allows him to react quickly to pass rusher’s skill moves.


Jones is still able to generate the power he needs to hold his sport and not get pushed back into the pocket. He’s someone who’s stock is quickly rising as he gets more reps in Mobile.


Kingsley Suamataia School: BYU PFF Big Board Rank: 68


Another tackle to watch, Suamataia is powerful force on the outside of the offensive line.


With a wide base, he generates plenty of power in the run game and has the ability to open up lanes.


He’s really strong in pass coverage when he’s able to get set and use the proper leverage.


However, Suamataia has trouble dealing with the speedy pass rushers who have the chance to attack before he can get completely set.



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Defensive Backs

Kalen King School: Penn St, PFF Big Board Rank: 47


There’s a good chance that King isn’t around for the Patriots third round pick at 68th overall.


Especially with how he’s performing in the early practices for the Senior Bowl, King has shown great speed and even better footwork.


His ability to keep pace with the receiver without losing leverage or positioning is outstanding.


Even when he slips in coverage, it ends up turning into a good rep for the corner back as he shows tremendous make-up speed and the ability to get back into the play.


Beau Brade School: Maryland PFF Big Board Rank: 123


With Kyle Dugger’s future with the team still up in the air as he gets set to test free agency, the Patriots are likely keeping a close eye on the safety position.


Beau Brade is a player who could catch their eye in Mobile as a player with incredible instincts.


He isn’t the fastest on the field, but being in the right position and his active hands often make up for it.


Tight Ends

Ben Sinnot School: Kansas St. PFF Big Board Rank: 162


Ben Sinnot, the tight end out of Kansas State, has shown a great ability to play through contact.


Still possessing the speed that he needs to run the full route tree, he has great burst for a man of his size. Without a doubt, Sinnot’s a player who could fit into multiple NFL offenses with his mix of size and speed.


Brevyn Spann-Ford School: Minnesota PFF Big Board Rank: 250


One of the bigger tight ends heading into the draft, Spann-Ford brings a physical presence when he takes the field.


Along with being one of the biggest, he’s also one of the best blocking tight ends coming out in this class; which is an extremely valuable asset for any offense.


To have a player who can control some of the leagues best edge rushers, but also get you a first down when you need it is something every team hopes to have on their team.



Joe Milton III School: Texas PFF Big Board Rank: 160


Joe Milton, quarterback for Texas, finished his 2023 campaign with 20 touchdowns to only 5 interceptions. Mixing that with his incredible athletisicm, he quickly climbed up draft boards.


With Milton being an impressive decision maker throughout the season, he’s now captivating scouts in Mobile with his powerful arm.


Showing that he has the arm strength to make throws to all three levels and do it on the run as well.


If the Patriots skip on a quarterback with their top pick, Milton could be someone who the team takes a long look at.


Spencer Rattler School: South Carolina PFF Big Board Rank: 99


Ratter has been impressive through his college career, throwing for over 10,000 yards.


He has some starting caliber traits, but struggles with showing them consistently.


However, the truth is, he’s a smart quarterback who has to rely heavily on timing. Over his time in college there were stretches where he’s shown the ability to lead an offense effectively and efficiently.


However, sitting around 6 feet tall, there are some worries about his size without having top-tier athleticism.


Michael Pratt School: Tulane PFF Big Board Rank: 75


Pratt showed a great understanding of how to work the middle of the field throughout his time at Tulane.


Additionally, his phenomenal touch and accuracy on deep passes, have his name popping up in more mock drafts. Pratt has this calmness to him in the pocket that stands out on film.


At the Senior Bowl, if he can demonstrate more of that calmness and be aggressive downfield to showcase the accuracy, he could catch the eye of many NFL teams.


Let Draft Season Begin

The Patriots know what they need with their top pick, and Jerod Mayo has even hinted at it himself.


“We are going to draft the best player for a very important position. You put the pieces together,” Mayo said to WBZ. Additionally, the team has quite a few other needs, many of which on the offensive side of the ball.


They’re getting an opportunity to get eyes on many of talented players who could build the future of the franchise.


As the Patriots look closely at the impressive talents showcased at the Senior Bowl, the question remains: which of these players will catch the eye of the New England scouting team and earn their name being called on draft night?


Main Photo Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports