777 Partners legal problems on the cards as Everton takeover doubts emerge

The demise of Bonza causes further legal trouble for the 777 Partners amid their bid to complete the takeover of Everton, according to ABC Net.

The Australian news outlet reported on 3 May that the Toffees are already in trouble with the authorities, seemingly the Premier League, for posting losses that led to a total of an eight-point deduction.


Josh Wander has come under scrutiny with questions over 777’s liquidity being raised constantly.

The report reads: “Its [777 Partners] latest bid for Everton Football Club in the English Premier League has thrust it into the spotlight

“Everton has been in trouble with the football authorities under its current ownership, for posting losses that exceed the league’s financial fair play rules.

“The Bonza collapse may be big news here. But it is a mere blip in the unfolding drama across the globe as 777 Partners faces fire on almost all fronts.


“Its demise potentially creates further legal troubles for 777 Partners and the prospect of more unwanted financial disclosures.

“Wander’s run of luck may have hit the wall.”

Everton need to be very careful about the 777 Partners

With mounting legal disputes and financial troubles surrounding 777 Partners, Everton must exercise extreme caution in their dealings with the group.

Despite their ambitious investments in high-profile football teams globally, 777 have faced numerous court cases for defaults on loans and struggles to turn a profit with their sports ventures.

The delayed purchase of the Toffees has attracted scrutiny from regulatory authorities, indicating potential regulatory issues.

Additionally, the financial instability of 777 Partners raises concerns about their ability to provide the necessary support and stability for the club’s operations.

Everton Goodison Park

Everton play their home games at Goodison Park

With Everton already facing challenges complying with financial fair play rules and potential relegation risks in the future, partnering with a financially shaky entity like 777 Partners could exacerbate the club’s existing issues and lead to further instability.



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