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777 Partners need to answer Premier League questions quickly on takeover



Dan Plumley has insisted that 777 Partners will need to answer questions from the Premier League quickly for their takeover of Everton to progress.


Sources shared in February that a lack of transparency and clarity over the finances at 777 is making the Premier League reluctant to green-light the deal so far.


The football finance expert pointed to Richard Masters saying that in parliament over a month ago, with no reason for him to lie about the situation.


“As always, there are two sides to every story but, we’ve had the Chief Executive of the Premier League come out in parliament and


say these are the reasons why it’s not going through and we need some information and we need more transparency,” he exclusively told Goodison News.


“There is no reason to suggest that he would be lying in that case given everything else that is going on, so that is one side of the story and what we’re not getting is the other side of that.


“Whether that should be available to the public is up for debate but whenever there is one party saying we are waiting on information and there is nothing coming out of the other side of the story,


you are left with a conclusion that you can draw from the outside looking in that there are still questions to be answered.


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“As I say, those questions need to be answered pretty quickly for the takeover to progress and I think it’s clear why it’s stalling and it seems to be if the Premier League are saying that then that’s the reason.”


Everton takeover twists and turns in Premier League

This has been the most complicated takeover in the modern history of the Premier League, with nothing seemingly going well.


On the other hand of this argument, 777 Partners are said to becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of urgency shown by the Premier League on the matter.


This is a mess from all parties, with no outcome looking likely any time soon.


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