Andy Murray appreciates Nick Kyrgios for his help after noticing the tennis star was self-harming.

Nick Kyrgios has opened up on the struggles he’s faced throughout his career and admits he was in a “pretty dark” place despite performing well on the court

Nick Kyrgios has credited Andy Murray for intervening after spotting the Australian tennis star had been self-harming.


Kyrgios has regularly opened up about his struggles in recent years having previously shown a strong exterior. He revealed he was self-harming for at least 18 months until Murray, who he has enjoyed a strong bond with for some time, stepped in after seeing marks on his arm.


The Brit has continued to offer his support to Kyrgios, who admits it took him some time to listen. He said on Piers Morgan Uncensored: “Andy was always a big supporter of me. As soon as I came on the tour, he kind of saw a work in progress and took me under his wing. Then he realised later in my career that I don’t think I was coachable or I was on my own path, but he was always someone that was looking out for me.


He saw it [the self-harm] and he said, ‘What’s that on your arm?’ It was pretty bad at that stage. Andy obviously was trying to give me advice on it. But I was just so stuck in my ways at that time that I didn’t listen. Obviously I’m very thankful. I thank him a lot.”


Kyrgios, who made his first Grand Slam final in 2022 at Wimbledon added: “It was pretty dark to be honest. I won tournaments on the professional tour, drinking every night, self-harming, burning things on my arm, cutting myself for fun. It became an addiction of pain. I hated myself. I hated waking up and being Nick Kyrgios.”


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