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Dallas Cowboys DT Osa Odighizuwa expects big things in contract season with team



The Dallas Cowboys took a highly productive defensive player in the early part of the 2021 NFL Draft, one who has helped bolster the front of their defense over the three years since.

His name is Osa Odighizuwa.

Obviously Micah Parsons has stolen the entire show relative to that year’s class, but Odighizuwa has been a productive player in his own right.

Given that he was selected in 2021, the 2024 season is a contract year for him. The Cowboys have the likes of Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb and Parsons headlining that subject, but it would serve them well to consider what a potential extension for someone like Odighizuwa could look like also.

Odighizuwa was a recent guest on Up & Adams with Kay Adams and was asked about the contractual statues of Prescott, Lamb, Parsosn and himself. Jump to the 4:50 mark to see this part specifically.


The way I see it… they’re going to let everyone do what they’ve got to do this year and then let the chips fall where they may. Everyone’s got to perform at the highest level in order to get to where we want to get to. I don’t really control who gets paid, all I can do is control how I play and then hopefully that’s going to result in what I want which would be a second deal with Dallas. I’m just going to control what I can control in that regard.”


As noted by Odighizuwa, he is not the general manager of the Dallas Cowboys. Given that this is the case it is obviously not up to him who gets extended and who does not. But it seems worth mentioning at least that as he sees things they (as in the front office) may want to let everyone do what they’ve got to do and check back in to see if they all truly accomplished the overall and primary goal.

Regarding his own contractual status, he has played very well for the team and figures to put himself in financial territory that may be beyond the point of comfort for the Cowboys. Especially if other notable players receive big extensions.

Overall, the defensive tackle position for the Cowboys is in an interesting spot where so much is dependent on Mazi Smith taking a step in year two. That likely won’t have a ton to do with whether or not Dallas brings back Odighizuwa in 2025, but you never know.



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