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Eagles fan manages to get under the skin of Panthers owner David Tepper



Well, here’s a strange story. It’s void of a tonne of Philadelphia Eagles content, but Philly’s angle here does spark an intriguing conversation. Have you ever heard one of those jokes that begins with ‘a guy walks into a bar and…’?

How’s this for delivery? ‘A guy walks into a bar and takes a Birds cap off of an Eagles fan. We’re struggling with the punchline here, but you just have to hear this story.

If you have ignored Carolina for much of their existence and have only tuned in when they have played Philly (or since David Tepper bought the team from Jerry Richardson in May of 2018), take our word for it. This fellow is quite the character (and quite meddlesome). Think Jerry Jones but worse.

This particular incident shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone if you know what we mean.

An Eagles fan rubs Panthers owner David Tepper the wrong way.

According to various sources including The Charlotte Observer and, Tepper, who has developed a reputation for questionable antics, walked into Dilworth Neighborhood Bar and Grill and confronted a restaurant manager over a sign posted outside.

The establishment reportedly often changes the verbiage on the sign in front of their building. This week, just hours before Round 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft, the plea read “Please let the coach and GM pick this year”.

Well… He was a part of that brain trust that selected Bryce Young over C.J. Stroud.

The story gets better. Matt Wohlfarth, the owner, shared surveillance footage with a local news station of Tepper visiting the restaurant Thursday night. The Panthers owner can be seen removing the gentleman’s hat, one displaying an Eagles logo.

A manager at the restaurant told ESPN Panthers reporter David Newton that Tepper had come inside to talk about the sign, but didn’t seem “visibly upset”.

There are several things we could discuss here. Frankly, we don’t know where to begin, nor can we think of a punchline to our ‘a man walks into a bar joke’, but here’s where we’ll leave this. Even displaced Eagles fans can cause their home team issue, and sometimes, it sucks to be an NFL team playing in a small market.

Many of the city’s citizens are often from other cities and are loyal members of varying fan bases. Keep in mind the fact that the Panthers have only been playing football since 1995.

They might be the fifth most popular team in their town (Charlotte is home to huge Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Commanders, and Pittsburgh Steelers contingents among others). Welp. That’s another story for another day. Here’s where we’ll leave this. Don’t mess with Tepp. This guy isn’t taking any prisoners.

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