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Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles Player Sounds Off On Reporter About Nick Sirianni Speculation



Things aren’t going well for the Philadelphia Eagles right now.


Some believe HC Nick Sirianni lost control of the team and his locker room and should be fired, while others state that he continues to have the full support of the veterans.


Whatever the case might be, the fact of the matter is that there’s speculation about his future with the team.


That’s not something one person made up; it’s a well-known fact debated by dozens of pundits.


Nonetheless, Eagles DT Fletcher Cox didn’t want to hear anything about that.


When asked about the speculation regarding Sirianni’s future, the defensive tackle snapped at the reporter, stating that he’s the head coach of the team and it shouldn’t even be a discussion, and going as far as to call the reporter “a clown” (via NBC Sports Philadelphia and Dov Kleiman).



The reporter was insulted just for doing their job and respectfully asking a question.


He even clarified that there was speculation about it; it’s not like he made it up for clicks or whatnot.


The reality is that losing six out of seven games, including a playoff game, and watching the team give up on the field might lead to a coach being fired; there’s nothing unusual about that.


Even if that weren’t the case, a well-seasoned veteran like Cox should’ve known better, and it’ll be interesting to see what he has to say if Sirianni is, indeed, fired at some point in the offseason.


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