Everton: 777 Partners takeover development signals end is finally nigh for Farhad Moshiri rein at Goodison Park

Everton majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri could now be just weeks away from an eagerly anticipated exit at Goodison Park following a fresh 777 Partners takeover development.


The Athletic journalist David Ornstein, taking to his personal X account on Friday (22 December) shared that Moshiri’s

exit from Everton has moved one step closer after the Financial Conduct Authority approved the proposed takeover of 777 Partners.


It is reported that the FCA approval is one of several checks that were required before the sale of Moshiri’s shares could be ratified.

Ornstein added that approval and clearance from the Premier League and

Football Association on the impending 777 Partners remain crucial for the deal to be ratified and sealed.


Ornstein explained of the FCA check in an article for the Athletic (22 December):

“The FCA is a financial regulatory body in the UK which

regulates financial firms providing services to consumers and maintains the integrity of the financial markets.”


The deal for Moshiri to sell his 94.1 per cent stake in the club to Miami-based firm 777 was

first announced in September but has been beset by controversy ever since.







Having already dragged past the original timeline set for the completion of the takeover,

there is still no clarity as to when, or even if the deal will be completed, or when the decision from the Premier League will be heard.

This is just the first of many hurdles for 777 to overcome

and there is still a significant way to go before their purchase of Moshiri’s shares to take majority ownership at Goodison Park is signed off.

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The Premier League and the FA will certainly be looking over the process with a fine

tooth comb even despite the controversy surrounding the American investment firm.


Journalist Paul Brown believes that the 777 Partners lied about an important aspect of their proposed takeover of Everton as David Ornstein shared the update.


He wrote on Twitter, “777 were telling people they already had FA clearance. David now suggests otherwise.

And timing of this new briefing interesting as too late to confirm now with FCA.

That said, trust in regulators is low, and process not transparent. If correct, final, and biggest, hurdle remains PL”







Despite all this, what Everton fans have been eagerly waiting for is the exit of Moshiri and

the latest development from Ornstein surely suggests that both parties can now start planning for the inevitable.


Fans are desperate to see the back of Moshiri and any association he has with the football

club and the recent points deduction is a huge indicator of how flawed he’s been as a majority shareholder.


The Everton majority shareholder has been never too far from controversy, especially over the past year or so, with his recent handling of the recent boardroom saga,

the issue involving the Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov and several others including the club’s worrying financial state behind the

scenes which has certainly landed him in plenty of hot water on several occasions amongst the whole football club.


The club’s financial state has been so bad that 777 Partners have been funding the club for weeks

now even before any takeover can be approved which certainly shows how much financial turmoil Moshiri had brought at Goodison Park.


Under his disastrous ownership, Everton have been associated with dysfunction, turmoil and controversy for so long which has

caused the majority of the Toffees support to voice their criticism and raging concerns, and understandably so.







The whole club fanbase wants to see changes, and it looks as if the new potential owners want to also,

for that to happen,

Moshiri should not be involved in any day-to-day runnings or behind-the-scenes decisions any longer.


But when that will happen in the near future remains unclear,

but what is guaranteed is that Moshiri will no longer be associated with Everton Football Club well into 2024. The end is now nigh.


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