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Everton receive more cash from 777 Partners despite takeover bid on brink of collapse



777 Partners have delivered another £8million to Everton as per their agreement with Farhad Moshiri, according to Alan Myers.

The Sky Sports journalist reported via Twitter on 11 May that the money had been deposited the previous day to take the American firm’s funding up to around £210million during the eight months since their agreement with the club’s majority shareholder was announced in September.


This comes at a time when their bid to gain control of the Toffees appears to be hanging by a thread, with Moshiri now doubting their financial backing and with co-founders Josh Wander and Steve Pasko having been removed from the company’s football division board after insolvency experts were called in.

But Myers wrote: “Prospective new Everton owners 777 Partners have made a further £8M payment to support the club with its working capital as per its agreed requirements of the deal with majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri.

“The money, which was deposited yesterday, takes the total funding by the Miami based group to approximately £210M since agreeing the deal with Moshiri back in September.”

Asked about the apparent disconnect between 777’s takeover bid potentially collapsing and more money arriving he added: “Depends who you believe.”


Is 777 Partners’ Everton takeover still alive?

Unless the newly-appointed bankruptcy specialists that have been brought in at 777 have managed to spark a stunning revival almost immediately, which seems highly unlikely, this latest financial assistance is surely not a sign that the bid for ownership is still in place.

Everton were thought to have already been funded through to the end of the season by the previous loan, which arrived four days late at the start of the month.

So this extra payment may be a second strand of that support which was already agreed, although when staff at the firm’s recently grounded Australian airline Bonza were told they wouldn’t be paid it has to be considered a surprise that additional money has materialised for what looks more than ever to be a doomed takeover bid.

Focus has now turned towards MSP Sports Capital stepping in as they have a security arrangement on a majority of Moshiri’s shares, thanks to their near-£160m loan not being repaid by last month’s deadline.

Wander and Pasko’s company have been keeping the club afloat through the season amid claims that their house of cards has been collapsing elsewhere, but if neither are even on the board of the firm’s football operations any longer it is impossible to say who would be in charge at Everton in the unlikely event that 777 somehow did come in.

Their takeover attempt has seemingly been on life support for weeks, and while there doesn’t look like long left before it is officially ended there is still unexpected activity, although whether this fortifies the Toffees for further months through the summer or simply completes the payments to end the current season is as yet unclear.



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