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Everton takeover: 777 delay a worry, process must run – Alan Myers



Alan Myers admits he is worried by how long the Everton takeover delay is stretching on but maintains the process must be followed.


The Sky Sports journalist communicated with fans via Twitter on 22 March to make plain that he is neither positive or negative towards 777 Partners, and that he would never say who should take over.


He accepted that the ongoing wait for a verdict on the Americans, which has now stretched to 25 weeks since the deal with Farhad Moshiri was announced on 15


September, is a concern but suggested “people don’t want to hear” that the process has to run its course.


Myers wrote: “Many times I have welcomed scrutiny, many times I have have said there is negativity around the group,


I’ve also said that I don’t know if they will be good owners, truth is nobody does, and I’ve also consistently said the process has been run, but people don’t want to hear that.”


To a supporter who is worried by the length of the wait he responded: “Me too, but that’s not the question.”


He added: “The fact is, this process is the one that we have to wait for, frustrating or not, it’s what happens whether we like it or not,


however long it takes it takes, I’ve said this from day one, and that’s all I’ve said, you’ll never read me ever saying who should take us over.”


Everton takeover situation in the hands of the Premier League

The 777 takeover has divided opinion ever since it became a going concern and the longer the wait goes on that will only increase.


Some reporting from the likes of Josimar and The Esk paints an extremely concerning picture of their suitability to be the new Everton owners.


Equally, court filings in the US in recent weeks have given the impression of an increasingly shaky set up that is straining under the scrutiny of the attempted takeover.


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In that light anything that seems slightly more positive might appear to be ignoring major concerns,


but while the Premier League have yet to block the takeover they can’t be ruled out as candidates to take charge at Goodison Park.


Alan Myers insists the Everton takeover process must run its course.


He does admit that he is worried by how long it is taking.


But he like the fans is ultimately left to wait for the outcome.


It can’t be ignored that 777 have put loans worth close to £200million into Everton since they agreed a deal to buy out Moshiri,


without which the Toffees would presumably be in big trouble already.


Whether that is an admirable show of faith in the deal or an increasingly expensive gamble by Josh Wander and company also depends on which way it is looked at.


What is certain is the endless uncertainty around the situation and the future of the club is not good for the fanbase, nor is it for Sean Dyche and his players.


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