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Everton takeover: 777 Partners deal deadline expires due to Premier League delay



Everton and 777 Partners have been forced to agree a new deadline for their takeover as the original one has now expired amid the ongoing delay with the Premier League, according to Matt Hughes.


The Daily Mail journalist reported via the outlet’s website on 27 February that both parties are


“increasingly frustrated” with the lack of a decision from the league office, and agree that the wait “cannot continue” beyond next month.


777 have so far provided around £190million in loans towards the club’s operating costs in the six months since the American’s agreed a deal to


buy Farhad Moshiri’s 94.1% shareholding back on 15 September, when the decision was expected to take around 12 weeks.


That the firm, co-founded by Josh Wander, is characterised as “an umbrella organisation involving over 60 companies


with close financial links”, has reportedly caused the Premier League “challenges” in assessing their suitability.


777 Partners will not wait past March for Everton takeover?

The current limbo doesn’t really benefit anyone so surely a decision one way or another has to come sooner or later.


Were it not for the fact that there is already major bad feeling among Evertonians towards Richard Masters and the Premier League after two


profit and sustainability referrals and a major points deduction that had to be cut down on appeal, it might be seen as simply as 777 being a complex prospect to assess.



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There has been no shortage of suggestions that they are unsuitable to replace Moshiri at Goodison Park, yet they have yet to be denied, let alone approved.



They will go to the back of the queue of creditors to get their money back if


they don’t get the green light to takeover so it looks like they are stuck in an ever-more costly gamble on receiving approval.


The company is said not to be swayed by a possible second points deduction on the horizon, and having come this far it would seem a


waste to back out now, but whether it is the fault of the Premier League or 777 for the delay stretching towards double expected length it can’t go on indefinitely.


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