Everton takeover: 777 Partners hit by ‘gigantic exodus’ after CFO resigns

Everton takeover: 777 Partners hit by ‘gigantic exodus’ after CFO resignation

The resignation of 777 Partners’ CFO is part of a “gigantic exodus” at the company as it is said to be on the brink of completing an Everton takeover, according to Paul Brown.


The journalist reacted via Twitter on 16 February to the news that Damien Alfalla has left the Miami-based firm to add that he had been told it is part of large-scale departures.



Brown had reported earlier the same day for Josimar that 777 had received new questions the previous day from the Premier League.


The latest news comes just as an announcement on the long-awaited takeover is reportedly set to arrive before the end of the month, and the Telegraph (15 February) report that the FA has already given its approval.


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Prospective new Everton owners in exit turmoil?

As fast as what looks like a positive step forward on the Toffees takeover front it is tempered by what equally appears to be the opposite.


Ever since the the deal between the Josh Wander and Steven Pasko-founded company agreed a deal with Farhad Moshiri claims that directly oppose each other have emerged from different directions.


Despite repeated suggestions that 777 can’t, or at least shouldn’t, takeover at Goodison Park they appear to have gradually edged towards doing so.


And yet it has taken a long time without an answer and if there has been another late hold up in the form of new questions from Richard Masters’ deeply unpopular Premier League office it at least gives an impression of the deal not being entirely smooth.


A “gigantic exodus” doesn’t sound very helpful to any company, not least one that is supposedly scrambling to keep the entire operation afloat as it is.


Farhad Moshiri agreed to sell his Everton shares to 777 Partners back in September.



Brown’s reporting suggests that 777 badly need to acquire Everton and the revenue the club, and perhaps most importantly the new stadium, can generate, arguably even more than the Toffees needs new ownership.


So if the firm is straining to keep their heads above the water then it would appear that major exits would be a destabilising influence.

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