Everton takeover delays caused by ‘Vultures’ – Richard Buxton

Richard Buxton is growing frustrated by stories about other parties being interested in buying Everton from Farhad Moshiri.


777 Partners agreed on a deal back in September to buy Moshiri’s stake in the club but have so far been unable to provide proof of funds to the


Premier League, which means it has dragged on for around seven months.


Reports claim that there are other interested parties, but Buxton took to his personal X account (24 April) to criticise those groups,


suggesting that if they were interested they would have come forward by now.


“If these alternative buyers for Everton really do exist, their continued ‘nudge nudge wink wink’ claims via third parties isn’t helping their case,” he wrote.


“All it does is suggest that they are trying to get the club on the cheap and, similar to 777, lack the required financial clout.”


A fan then suggested that they’re waiting for the price to drop should the 777 Partners deal with Moshiri collapse, which saw Buxton label them “vultures” in a separate post.


Everton takeover hanging on at Goodison Park

In an ideal world, Everton would have new owners sealed and in place before the end of the season, so planning for the next campaign can begin swiftly.


However, that seems highly unlikely at this stage and it’s because all the parties involved are more interested in their interests rather than the actual club’s needs.


Moshiri will want to get the best financial deal for himself, 777 want to complete a deal they’ve agreed to even though they can’t action it which means


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they’re dragging it out for everyone involved, and other interested parties want to see that deal fail before making their move so they can get their own best deal.


What the club needs is someone to come in who has the club’s interests at heart, where the money involved isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of the deal and it’s done quickly.


But football isn’t like that anymore, and no matter who comes in it seems as though the Toffees will have to accept that they will come second


to money in that person or group’s eyes. It’s a horrible situation for the fans to be in.


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