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Former Patriots QB Matt Cassel Recounts The Time He Tried To Wrestle Tom Brady



In his early NFL years, quarterback Matt Cassel found himself in an unusual role – that of an insurance policy.


Drafted in the seventh round in 2005 by the New England Patriots, Cassel spent the initial years patiently waiting behind the legendary Tom Brady, barely seeing playing time at USC.


His breakthrough moment came in 2008 when Brady’s season-ending ACL injury thrust Cassel into the starting role for 15 games.


Despite his limited college experience, Cassel seized the opportunity. Post-New England, he achieved even more success with the Kansas City Chiefs, earning a Pro Bowl nod in 2010.



Reflecting on his time with the Patriots, Cassel shared a memorable off-the-field incident during a recent appearance on the This is Football podcast – a wrestling match with Brady.


According to Cassel, he emerged victorious, serving Brady a slice of humble pie during his “younger years when testosterone was through the roof.”


Both Cassel and Brady shared a background as exemplary athletes drafted by MLB teams – Brady by the Montreal Expos in 1995 and Cassel by the Oakland Athletics in 2004. Cassel recalled playfully challenging Brady, goading him into a wrestling match.


After swiftly body-slamming Brady, Cassel’s triumph caught the attention of teammates, but not all in a positive way.


Defensive back Rodney Harrison and defensive end Richard Seymour weren’t thrilled, jogging down the field with a warning for Cassel: Don’t put Tom Brady at risk.


Though they let him off with a warning, it was a clear message – Brady’s safety was non-negotiable.


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