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Josh Wander responds to concerns over 777 Partners purchase



Josh Wander has responded to claims that 777 Partners are the wrong party to take over Everton Football Club after major concerns were raised.


The Miami-based investment firm are still awaiting a verdict from the Premier League for their takeover of the club to go through,


after agreeing a deal with Farhad Moshiri back in September for his stake.


But major question marks have emerged over how they will run the club due to financial issues of their own and the way they have run their other clubs, with JosimarFootball reporting that 777 Partners have a $3.6bn debt.


However Wander has responded to the article in question after being sent it by fan John Louis Jones via LinkedIn (5 March), with the fan then sharing his response on his personal Twitter account.


Amazing. Were they hanging from a chandelier when they took that photo of me?” he wrote.


One might ask them who is funding these articles – if they were a true fan of the club,


would there not be at least an ounce of gratitude for keeping the club afloat for the last five months, despite being hit with multiple PSR violations?


The numbers are all wildly innacurate and out of context and like all of material, libelous and specifically targeted to derail our transaction.


Surely an investor what wasn’t wholly committed to the club’s future sustainability and success would have run.


Anyway, thanks for my daily dose of comic relief. Here’s looking forward to a future marked by on and off the pitch success.”


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Everton fans finally get a response from 777 Partners

One of the biggest issues that Everton fans have had about this entire takeover process has been the lack of transparency from all parties.


The Premier League are refusing to give the fans updates on the situation despite being several months beyond the amount of time it was supposed to take,


while both the club and 777 have been silent up to this point.


Nobody has a clue what is going on, but there are a host of stories coming out about how bad 777 are and all the issues that they’ve happening outside of this deal.


It’s good to see Wander trying to defend himself a bit, if not because it proves that he is paying attention and that the situation is clearly still ongoing.


Everton are in a big hole now because 777 have been saving them for months,


and if it doesn’t go through Moshiri has already stepped away from being involved any more than he needs to be.


The club need a decision to be made ASAP so plans can start to be made for the coming months and years, but at least someone has finally spoken out even if they’ve not really said too much.


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