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Former Super League forward to fly to Bangladesh to continue inspiring charity work



Keith Mason, a former Super League player, is set to release a book called Against All Odds, which will detail his journey from troubled


student at school to persistent youth offender to becoming a professional Rugby League player, playing in the Super League, NRL, and representing his country.
The book also depicts his Rugby League career’s ups and downs, demonstrating
determination and the appropriate mindset to achieve anything you’re passionate about.
One of the many things Mason enjoys and is enthusiastic about is acting, which he
discovered when he met American actor Micky Rourke in a club and the two became fast friends.
Years later, Micky requested him to appear in SkinTraffik (2015), in which he played a henchman named Mr Stiennier.
Mason has since acted in films such as Killers Anonymous (2019) and the popular British television series Peaky Blinders.
Mason explained to Serious About Rugby League why he decided to pursue a career in acting: “It was the tail end of my career.
” “I was looking for something else, a vision to work toward, and acting fit the bill.
“Mason said, “I just stuck with it, and it took me ten years to get a lead role in the film Imperative, called The Punished in America, which is now streaming on Amazon.”
Mason was helped by The Imperative to secure another major role in The Choson, in which he portrays an Irish detective in a supernatural thriller that begins filming in April of next year.
Mason has begun to venture into business in addition to acting.
Mason created MasonMerch, a non-profit sportswear brand where all proceeds benefit children and the Tafida Raqeeb Foundation.
Mason has also developed his own brand of watches, MasonWatches, which he told Serious About Rugby League about his business.
He said: “I love making films, but I need to make a second and third income, and MasonMerch allows me to do that and lets me give back to the community.”
“I like to think about what Kevin Sinfield has done for Charity and Rob Burrow, and that’s what I want to do.”
I like to give back, which is why I started MasonMerch to help children with brain injuries,
and maybe, we can establish the UK’s second-only hospital for children with brain injuries, because there is only one.”
“I will be flying out to Bangladesh in February,” he says of his ambitions to continue his philanthropic work outside of the UK.
It’s a medical camp, so that’s a plus. I’m going out with 40 doctors, and we’ll travel around helping sick youngsters.


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