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Mets Owner Steve Cohen Expects Pete Alonso To Test Free Agency But Hopes To Retain Him



New York Mets owner Steve Cohen isn’t rushing to address Pete Alonso’s future with the team, preferring to let things play out until after the season.


Alonso, a three-time All-Star at 29, is set to hit free agency after the World Series.


He recently enlisted Scott Boras as his agent and secured a $20.5 million, one-year contract in arbitration last month.


“I don’t expect anything to transpire before Pete reaches free agency,” Cohen revealed in a preview of the Mets’ official podcast,


“Meet at the Apple,” released Friday. “We’re always open to conversation, but he’s earned the right to explore his value, and I’m highly supportive of all players doing that.”


Alonso has been a cornerstone for the Mets, tallying 192 homers over five seasons.


Despite a dip in batting average last year, hitting .217 with 46 homers and 118 RBIs, his previous performance in 2022, with a


.271 average, 40 homers, and 131 RBIs, underscores his prowess.


The NL Rookie of the Year in 2019, Alonso topped the majors with 53 homers that season.


“We definitely want to keep him,” Cohen emphasized. “He’s integral to our current team and hopefully our future.”


Cohen lauded Alonso’s resilience and his ability to thrive under the New York spotlight.


Recognizing his popularity among fans, Cohen quipped, “I’m not oblivious, alright?”


“I’m hoping he smashes 55 home runs and makes free agency a real headache for me,” Cohen joked. “That would be a fantastic outcome.”


The Mets have a track record of securing long-term deals with key players even after they’ve entered free agency.


Recent examples include Edwin Díaz’s $102 million, five-year contract in November 2022 and Brandon Nimmo’s $162 million, eight-year deal a month later.



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“Just like we found common ground with Edwin Díaz and Brandon Nimmo,

I’m optimistic we can do the same with Pete,” Cohen added, highlighting his desire for continued collaboration with Alonso beyond this season.