Nottingham Forest points deduction gets furious Premier League response as Everton watch on

Nottingham MPs have expressed their concerns regarding Nottingham Forest’s points deduction.


The Reds have been docked four points for breaching the Premier League’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSR), previously known as Financial Fair Play (FFP).


The penalty imposed by an independent commission has seen Forest drop into the relegation zone with just nine games of the season remaining.


After Everton, Forest were the second Premier League team to have been deducted points this season.


The Toffees had 10 taken off earlier in the season for a PSR breach but it was reduced to six on appeal – but the club are still facing a second charge.


Following Forest’s points deduction, Nottingham MPs Nadia Whittome,


Lilian Greenwood and Alex Norris have written to the Culture, Media and Sport Secretary, Lucy Frazer, highlighting “perceived inconsistencies between smaller and larger clubs.”


They have called for “all proceedings and sanctions to be suspended until the regulator is in force.”


Their letter said: “We write to highlight our concerns regarding the Premier League Commission’s determination of sanctions, and perceived inconsistencies between smaller and larger clubs.


Nottingham Forest FC has received a four point deduction for breaching the Premier League’s profitability and sustainability rules.


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“This follows Everton FC’s ten point deduction, reduced to six points upon appeal.


Meanwhile, Manchester City FC faces 115 charges of alleged breaches of different rules across nine years, but its case remains unheard and unresolved.


Sanctions, and the process by which they are determined, must be fair and must be seen to be fair. Football is an important part of our culture.


It matters to fans and to communities across the country, fostering a sense of local pride and contributing to local economies.


“In order to safeguard the integrity of the game and the Premier League,


and to ensure transparency and accountability to fans, we believe that it is urgent to immediately legislate for an independent regulator,


tasked with enforcing compliance with financial regulation and establishing new guardrails for corporate governance, club ownership, fan engagement,


and competition regulation. We therefore welcome the publication of the Football Governance Bill, which seeks to establish such a body.


“We ask your Department to outline the envisaged timeline for implementing the regulator, and to clarify what it means for clubs such as Nottingham Forest,


which are currently facing the consequences of the Premier League Commission’s rulings.


We ask that you urge the Commission to suspend all proceedings and sanctions until the regulator is in force.”


The Toffees are currently 16th, four points adrift of the relegation zone and Forest in 18th.


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