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Rangers fans get the Albion Rrahmani news they all wanted despite £6.8M president claims



Albion Rrahmani is the name on everyone’s lips at Rangers this week.Whilst deals for Jose Cordoba and Relebohile Mofokeng certainly appear more close going by reports, it’s the Kosovan striker who is perhaps turning the most heads.

Rangers suffered this season from a lack of striking options as injury enveloped Philippe Clement’s undercooked Ibrox squad.

Albion Rrahmani represents a glimmer of hope heading into the new campaign with the striker’s impressive return of 19 goals in 30 games exciting supporters.

Now, Rangers fans have gotten the news they all wanted with regards Rrahmani as the links make their way into the Scottish and Romanian press.

CFR Cluj is playing against Rapid 1923 in the Superliga Play Off at Dr. Constantin Radulescu Stadium in Cluj-Napoca, on May 5, 2024.

Photo by Flaviu Buboi/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Rangers ‘watching’ Rrahmani

Rangers were first linked to Albion Rrahmani by a leading Kosovan football account on social media platform X.

Kosovan Football, who for all intents and purposes are a leading source of Kosovan football news, made the claim over the weekend.

It sparked plenty of conversation surrounding Rrahmani, who at 23-years-old certainly ticks a lot of boxes for Rangers.

But with more concrete reporting surrounding interest from the likes of Benfica, Aston Villa, and Napoli, and a potential price tag of €10M (£8.5M), the links initially appeared ambitious.

Now, a report in the Daily Record has validated the reports by claiming that Albion Rrahmani has been ‘scouted closely’ by the Ibrox side.

It’s the first time we’ve seen a more legitimate transfer link closer to home appear in a print publication and we’re sure this news will prick the ears of Rangers supporters.

Rangers transfer hurdles still to clear

Not that any deal for Rrahmani looks cut and dry.

Away from those links to some of Europe’s top leagues and top clubs, Neil Lennon has just been appointed Rapid Bucharest’s new manager.

The interim coach who the ex-Celtic midfielder has just replaced, Bogdan Lobonț, also responded ‘I don’t know’ when asked about the future of Albion Rrahmani at the weekend, via PRO Sport.

Beyond all that, there is some conjecture over how much it might cost to sign the forward from Rapid Bucharest this summer.

Having joined last season in a £600K deal from Kosovan side Ballkani, Rapid Bucharest owner Dan Sucu claimed back in March that a figure of €8M (£6.8M) is not ‘out of place’

“Rrahmani’s job is to score,” said Sucu, as quoted by PRO Sport. “There are quite a few talks, but none are coming close to fruition, because now is not the time for negotiations.

“Everyone is waiting for the next matches. €8M is not an amount out of place.”

With a big summer rebuild on the horizon, that’s a figure we’re not entirely convinced Rangers will be willing splash out on one player.

But what is now reportedly clear is that Albion Rrahmani is a player Rangers are watching and we’re all tuned in to see how this pans out.




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