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Washington Commanders

Rumor: Bieniemy to Chiefs for NFL Playoffs



By Mike Fisher Sports Illustrated Washington Football News, Analysis and More


The Kansas City Chiefs are not in their customary spot, leading the AFC.


The Washington Commanders are, unfortunately, in theirs, near the basement in the NFC.


But neither of those clubs is as consistent as Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, who leads the NFL

in wild conspiracy theories – married with him all but demanding that NFL

teams do as he commands and follow through on his wild proposals.


Working on the assumption that PFT it taking itself seriously here (it always does):

Florio offers a bucketful of definitive takes: “Would (the Chiefs) bring back former offensive

coordinator Eric Bieniemy for the postseason?” … “The Chiefs need to do something.” … “Something needs to dramatically change.” … “Bieniemy might be the one the Chiefs need.” …



This is … “fun.” But before the Chiefs bow to Florio’s wishes … Don’t we need to ask his present employer in Washington if owner Josh Harris is cool with this?


In theory, the Commanders – who seem likely to fire head coach Ron Rivera after Week 18 – could also fire the entire staff, Bieniemy included.


But that seems unwise, on three counts:


1 – The Commanders’ smartest move would be to retain the assistants who are under contract until a new coach is hired.

They will be asked to help with the transition – and may be told to stay on under the new coach.


2 – The new coach search might very well include an interview – “courtesy” or otherwise – with Bieniemy. Again, he’s employed here; why do another NFL team any favors?


3 – And then there is this: If Washington allows an under-contract Bieniemy to leave a last-place

Commanders team to join a Super Bowl contending Chiefs team … and he helps the Patrick Mahomes-led Chiefs to notable success?


The egg on the face of Josh Harris will be nightmarish.


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“You did what, Mr. Harris? You ‘loaned out’ your top assistant to assist another team in winning a Super Bowl?! Why?!”


Obviously, all bets are off if as Florio writes, “Bieniemy is relieved of his duties” as “he’d be free and clear to join any other team for the playoff run.”


It seems, though, that this “news story” has been cobbled together without anybody asking

for the thoughts of the Commanders, of Harris, of Bieniemy, of the Chiefs or of their head coach

Andy Reid. (Not to mention Reid’s assistants, who would probably be, um, lukewarm on the idea.)


To us, the Commanders’ asset cupboard is far too empty to play so loosely with anybody and anything that might help turn this franchise around.


Washington, as much as Florio seems to think his advice is needed, is obliged to help Washington.

And Kansas City, as flattered as the Chiefs surely are to have Florio offering his guidance, ought to be made to fend for itself.


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