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Swansea reject Cullen contract and trigger one year option – Swansea City News



Swansea reject Cullen contract and trigger one year option

Thursday, 25th Apr 2024 17:14 by Swansea Independent

Liam Cullen has had his request for a new contract dismissed by Swansea City after discussions broke down last week.


The lowest paid ‘senior’ player at the club ( he is twenty five) asked for a better contract increasing his £3,500 a week to around £7,000 a week over three years.


Swansea City rejected the request out of hand and this has now been confirmed by Luke Williams.


With words of encouragement that he believes Liam will be even better and happier with this latest news ( he isn’t ) and that he will get an improved contract next year.


Regardless of what Cullen states openly and indeed the club – no player will be happy to remain on the same terms as Liam is on. His salary is bizarrely low for a Championship player.


In fact one of the lowest for a full squad member in the whole league.


The club have a variety of financial matters to manage this summer moving in to the new season, not least the sustainability rules the club are


close to breaching due to their continued profit and loss margins. Investment won’t last forever, and positive action is wanted by the Swansea LLC in the USA.


We were asked not to report the disappointing news that Liam received around ten days ago, and we obliged by not doing so.


However, it’s this now news and Luke Williams has commented on it so we have to make comment as well.


Liam Cullen has been refused a new contract he wanted over three years, as the club now starts to openly save every penny. However,


we also know this has alerted other clubs who see Cullen as an option for next season. We all know he loves the club, and we all know he wants to stay,


it’s now very much down to a test of his real character and commitment, which many wouldn’t have. In fact his future is now in the balance.


With not one bit of hope other than he will potentially play Championship football next season on one of the lowest salaries in the league for a player of his age.


The Swans did the same for Nathan Wood, and now it’s Liam’s turn, and with Joe Allen Placheta and Liam Walsh, Jamie Paterson up next it


does make you wonder if any of them will accept their terms or indeed the offer the Swans will make them. Especially Paterson.





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